Media Guidelines

Media Guidelines

Our Marketing Team should be the first point of contact for all journalists contacting the Zell-Em Group. Staff are advised to refer direct approaches from journalists to our Marketing Team, so it's quicker to start with them.

Media GuidelinesWe understand the various media deadlines and can identify and quickly supply 'media-ready' and comprehensive responses.

We aim to provide a prompt and up-to-date information service to the media, providing information which is of benefit to the mutual customers of Zell-Em Group and the media.

Press releases and accompanying high resolution photography are available upon request. All information in the releases and this website can be used by magazines, newspapers, online media for editorial purposes.

If any other organisation would like to use any editorial information for non-editorial purposes it must be with prior agreement from Zell-Em Group.

To request agreement for the usage of a press release or other material from within this website simply email our Marketing team. We will reply to your request within 1 working hour of receipt