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Wild Ginger, Fashion & Homewares

Elevating Retail Offerings with Zell-Em's Bespoke Solutions

Client Profile:

Wild Ginger is a quaint but quirky shop in coastal Ansdell, Lytham. Selling gifts, cards & fashion/accessories. In their own words they are a little independent business, fuelled by a passion for the unique based in the North of England, and run by a slightly menopausal woman.


The Wild Ginger Gifts, Fashion & Homewares, sought a local and reliable t-shirt designer and printer to enhance their retail offerings.

Discovery and Engagement:

Zell-Em was discovered by The Wild Ginger Gifts through Facebook, and the collaboration commenced 12 months ago.

Identified Challenges:

The Wild Ginger Gifts aim to provide their customers with unique and locally sourced products, including bespoke t-shirts. They evaluated various competitors and solutions to find the best fit for their needs.

Wild Ginger cat tshirt
Wild Ginger Always Cold hoodie

Why Zell-Em?

Zell-Em stood out to The Wild Ginger Gifts due to our exceptional support and understanding of their vision. Despite initial uncertainty, our team's helpfulness and expertise instilled confidence in the partnership.

Solution Implementation:

Zell-Em provided The Wild Ginger Gifts with bespoke t-shirt designs and printing services, delivering unique products perfectly aligned with their brand identity and retail strategy.

Key Benefits of Zell-Em:

  1. Local Expertise: The Wild Ginger Gifts valued Zell-Em's local presence and deep understanding of their market and needs.

  2. Quality Products: Our commitment to quality ensured that The Wild Ginger Gifts received premium, retail-ready merchandise that delighted their customers.

  3. Attention to Detail: Zell-Em's meticulous attention to detail, from account management to design execution, exceeded client expectations.

Client Testimonial:

The Wild Ginger Gifts lauds Zell-Em for our outstanding account management, attention to detail, and unparalleled design capabilities. They enthusiastically recommend Zell-Em to others seeking reliable and creative printing solutions.

Wild Ginger hoodie in the wild

All images courtesy of The Wild Ginger, Ansdell

In Conclusion
Through our partnership with The Wild Ginger Gifts, Zell-Em successfully addressed their need for bespoke
t-shirt designs, providing high-quality products that enhanced their retail offerings. Our dedication to personalis
ed service, quality craftsmanship, and creative excellence continues to set us apart as a preferred partner for businesses seeking unique printing solutions.

Discover The Wild Ginger here:

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